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Painter matrix with different command icons

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intendiX®PAINTING — when art overcomes disabilities

g.tec integrates a landmark painting application into the
intendiX® personal Brain-Computer Interface

Before children start to write, they first learn to draw. Drawing is one of the oldest techniques humans have been using to communicate and visualize ideas, knowledge and emotions. There are cave paintings made 40,000 years ago, and people still use painting to express things that cannot be communicated through words. Painting can be understood in any language. That's why a picture is “worth a thousand words”.

With this idea in mind, g.tec implemented the intendiX® Painting application. This user-friendly software makes it possible to draw without using any muscle activity. Based on visual evoked EEG potentials (VEP/P300), it allows the user to paint by paying attention to symbols that flash on a computer screen. With intendiX® Painting, users can design different color shapes, modify the color gradient, select different transparencies or change figures' sizes. And, of course, users can perform these actions at any position on the screen by controlling the painting cursor. intendiX® Painting allows infinite combinations of creation, limited only by imagination. In addition to paint, the user can also undo and redo actions, save the current artwork, load previous files to continue drawing and print the finished artwork.

Like our spelling system, the intendiX® Painting requires only few minutes of training, allowing the user to make 5 to 10 painting actions per minute. intendiX® Painting can also detect users' attention to avoid accidental drawing and reduce selection mistakes. intendiX® Painting uses a customized symbol matrix and runs in the standard intendiX® Speller application. extendiX is used to receive the commands and create the painting.

The goal of intendiX® Painting is to allow disabled or healthy people to draw without using muscle activity, making it entertaining and easy.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler and Adi Hoesle, the "parents" of brain painting! (see


Thomas Ruff (Photographer, Germany) "I don't know what sort of pictures will be painted. But for sure it will be pictures that we never saw before!"

Neo Rauch (Painter, Germany)

Erwin Wurm (Artist, Austria) "Incredible, my brain controls the machine!"

Kathatina Grosse (Painter, Germany)

Adi Hoesle (Retrogradist, Germany) "As a co-developer and experienced user of brain painting software I would state that intendiX from g.tec has set a milestone in BCI application, especially for handicapped people! Handy equipment, easy to apply, stable software, functional."
"With intendiX Painting the art of the 3rd millenium can no longer ignore brain-computer interface technology"