intendiX® by g.tec Screen-Overlay Control Interface

The user wearing a cap with 8 electrodes placed over occipital brain regions.

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intendiX®SOCI — Screen Overlay Control Interface

2012 – A new intendiX® BCI application for screen-based control

In 2012, g.tec will release another new intendiX® application called “SOCI” - Screen-Overlay Control Interface. The system allows to overlay the PC screen with a mask that contains icons used to control the program running on the screen. The technology uses the Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP) approach for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). The different icons on the monitor each flicker at certain frequencies. As soon as the user pays attention to one of the icons, it's flickering frequency can be detected in the EEG, which is picked up by a few sensors on the back of the user's head. Then, the system executes a command that is assigned to that certain icon, such as a certain key on the keyboard. Using its advanced sensors and recently upgraded signal processing algorithms, the intendiX®SOCI can detect these different brain signals with an accuracy of up to 98%.

In March 2012, g.tec debuted its new module to control Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft®, one of the most popular computer games in the world. The user sees the game running on the screen as usual, but a few extra icons appear around the edge of the monitor. For example, there are arrows pointing in different directions, which could be used for navigation in the game world. Other icons may be used to execute special commands in the game.

The goal of intendiX®SOCI is to provide a tool usable for controlling many different PC applications without requiring any muscle activity. Gaming is an interesting approach as it is a demanding task in terms of speed and accuracy of a Brain-Computer Interface. It also provides a way to connect disabled or healthy people to rich online communities with millions of people.

See a short video about the latest intendiX® developments:


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