intendiX® by g.tec personal eeg-based spelling system

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g.tec provides intendiX®SPELLER systems for rent to test the system at the patient’s site before deciding about a purchase.

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g.tec integrates Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology
into patients’ everyday lives.

The goal: Almost 40 years after the beginning of research in to direct brain-computer communication, there should be a BCI system for those who need it: the patients!

The solution: intendiX®SPELLER is designed to be installed and operated by caregivers or the patient’s family at home. The system is based on visual evoked EEG potentials (VEP/P300) and enables the user to sequentially select characters from a keyboard-like matrix on the screen just by paying attention to the target for several seconds. This requires only a few minutes of training. Most subjects can use intendiX®SPELLER after only 10 minutes with reasonable performance, spelling 5 to 10 characters per minute at their first trial.

intendiX®SPELLER uses an intelligent algorithm to determine whether the user wants to use the system, so it doesn't spell accidentally. In addition to writing text, the patient can also use the system to trigger an alarm, let the computer speak the written text, print out or copy the text into an e-mail or to send commands to external devices.
To control external devices a special extension tool called "extendiX" serves as an interface. extendiX runs on a separate computer that controls other devices and applications such as TVs, music, assistive robots, games and so on. extendiX just receives commands from intendiX®SPELLER via UDP and starts/executes the corresponding application or batch.
The EEG cap is comfortable, easy to clean, and with active electrodes that do not require any special skin preparation. Just put on the cap, inject a drop of gel into each of the electrodes and start to spell! intendiX®SPELLER includes the active electrode system, a portable EEG acquisition system and a notebook or netbook computer with the intendiX®SPELLER software installed. Also, ask for our new g.SAHARA dry electrodes.

For severely handicapped persons and patients close to the “locked-in state”, performance depends on various factors such as training, visual ability, concentration, and cortical degeneration.

NEW: intendiX®SPELLER now includes an alternative matrix board where celebrities' faces are displayed instead of the highlighted items for flashing. This “FACE-speller” mode seems to elicit stronger P300 responses compared to the regular flash mode. Some preliminary experiments show a clear improvement of performance using the FACE-speller mode.